Communication Is New Goal For Jackson County's New Chamber President

Chamber President Carla Todd says she wants business owners to know they can count on her. She's already answered one call from the owner of King's Inc.

Alan King called Todd when business started to drop after he relocated his 30 year old Pascagoula motor shop.

"So far since we've been here at our new location, it's been pretty quiet. Which is not very common," King says.

Todd stepped in to boost business with a ribbon cutting ceremony last Friday.

"We got over there. We took the pictures. The pictures will be in the paper. They got that type of exposure. From what I understand, since we've left they've had other press and media come talk to them," Chamber President Carla Todd says.

New or old, Todd says she wants to have the resources to help any local business get whatever it is they need.

"There are so many things that USM offers or that MGCCC offer. They have counseling and free courses. They gives us all of this information online. I want to have at my fingertips those resources and be able to educate those people on what we have right here in Jackson County," Todd adds.

Under Carter Todd says resources weren't so readily available and the Chamber wasn't very sociable. Those are just two things Todd wants to change so businesses King's Inc. feel comfortable stopping by for a little help.

"She's just an outstanding person to start with. Her eagerness and her ability to just want to come out and help people like she did for us. That was very impressive," Kings says.