New Biloxi visitors brochures made for children by children

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - New brochures are now available that show why Biloxi is a family vacation destination. Inside, you'll find places and activities for children to see and do. What makes the brochures unique is that they were written for children by children.

Among the stacks of brochures at the Biloxi Visitors Center, one pile of pamphlets is sure to catch the eyes of young tourists.

"When I saw the brochure I was excited, because we get a lot of families that come to the Visitors Center, so this is something that's geared right towards the kids," said Biloxi Historical Administrator Bill Raymond.

The people behind the "Kid's Guide to Biloxi" are gifted students at Gorenflo Elementary School.

"I was very excited, because this is our first time doing something like this," said fifth grader Belle Edmond.

It all started last November when the students took a ride aboard the Biloxi Tour Train. They visited sites from Point Cadet to just past the Biloxi Lighthouse.

"I learned about new things I haven't learned in Biloxi," said fifth grader Devon Smith.

The kids wanted to share their experiences with other young people, so each student picked a site and explained the history behind the attraction. They also wrote persuasive lines to encourage families to come and see it.

"I wrote about Barq's Root Beer in Biloxi, MS, and it's very cool. It was the first place Barq's Root Beer was bottled at," said fourth grader Jocelynn Sengsiry.

"I did this one on the Hard Rock. They can play a lot of games, get ice cream or read different things," said fourth grader Amaurie Williams.

The students also feature interesting facts, like the rare "Weather Witch" weather vane downtown along with activities children might enjoy.

"I chose deep sea fishing, because I like to go fishing with my dad," said Devon.

Their brochure highlights 24 attractions and activities in Biloxi. Once city officials learned about the brochure, they decided to print 1,000 copies for the Visitors Center.

"It would draw a lot of people, because people might be interested in it and they'd probably like to learn about some stuff what we have here," said Belle.

Their teacher, Ginger Anderson, says next year, she'd like to make another brochure featuring the west side of Biloxi.

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