Flights back to normal at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport following fog

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Passengers and airport officials say the dense fog here on the coast caused some headaches Wednesday morning after more than a dozen flights were canceled.

Canceled flights can put a dent into anyone's schedule and after flight cancellations Tuesday and early Wednesday morning at the Gulfport Biloxi International Airport, one passenger says he'll be flying home to Nebraska later than expected.

"The fog last night canceled our flight in Houston to here. I probably could have been back home by now. It's going to be 6:30 before I can even get out of here," said passenger Chris Folken.

Around 14 flights were canceled due to the fog.

Airport officials say during fog planes can land and they can take off, but because the fog was so dense and the glide slope was turned off the situation was too dangerous for flights departing or arriving.

The glide slope is an instrument pilots rely on to help land or take off.

When it's off planes can still land, but pilots need more visibility, unfortunately the dense fog decreased visibility so much that flying would have been dangerous.

The airport's Assistant Executive Director Jim Foster says anytime flights are canceled it hurts revenue, but he says the airports biggest concern is passenger safety.

"Whenever there is weather either where you're departing out of, like Gulfport-Biloxi or your destination you need to keep an eye out on the weather," said Foster.

Nancy Wilson says even though none of her flights were impacted by the weather, she's experienced flying in bad weather.

"The fog is a little scary when you're coming into an airport and you can't see like you normally can and that is a little scary," Wilson recalled.

Weather can always be a factor in your travel planes, Foster recommends that you continue to check the airport's website or check with your airline to be able to catch any last minute changes to your flight.

The glide slope was turned off because two construction projects at the airport made its signal unreliable. It's expected to be turned back on sometime next week.

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