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Byram mom needs AB plasma donations

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thirty-four year-old Nicole Newton Jones had her second child two weeks ago, with no complications. But Friday night she began having speech and hearing problems.

"And then my right hand was numb. It was coming and going," she told us from her hospital bed at St. Dominic.

Doctors diagnosed her with TTP, Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a rare disorder that causes blood clots. In Newton's case, it's further complicated by two factors. One, she has a rare blood type, AB.

Tony Bahou with Mississippi Blood Services explains the other.

"She can only get (the plasma) from male donors because of another rare blood disorder called TRALI," said Bahou. "Some females produce antibodies after they get pregnant, and that could be harmful for the patient." 

Mississippi Blood Services has put the word out for donors on Facebook, and they've been coming out.

"When I heard my blood type was the same, I decided to come down," said Joe Harris of Rankin County.

Harris planned to spend about 45 minutes donating his AB negative plasma.

"People are so generous when people are in need, and that's what we need," added Harris. says.

"It takes so many people to give one exchange," said Jones. "It takes 17 people for me to get one treatment."

Jones says she has had two treatments, and needs at least three more before she can go home to her family and her job as a teacher at Gary Road Intermediate School in Byram.

"It's nice that there's so much support, added Jones. "I mean the whole state and out of state."

Even if you can't give type AB plasma, any blood donation you give to Mississippi Blood Services in Jones' name will be credited to her supplemental insurance. 

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