Hundreds attend job fair at Golden Nugget casino

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They came by the hundreds waiting to hear their names called out, in hopes of sitting down for an interview.

Some of the job seekers work part time elsewhere and are looking for more hours. One of them is Duran Jackson.

"I'd like a server job. I've been serving for a couple of years and I like it. I like talking to people. I like meeting new people, I like that job," Jackson said.

Others, like Mike Cooper, spent years in the automotive sales industry and are looking to make a transition.

"Sales are sales. I'm very good at it, servicing the customer, taking care of them, making sure they're happy and pleased. Marketing is marketing, it's just a different product," Cooper explained.

Finding a job can be tough. Just ask Shatanna Jolly.

"At this time of year, it's very frustrating because it's slow and especially for my position as a dealer and they are hardly taking any in right now," Jolly lamented.

A good education might help set you apart, according to Billy Buchanan.

"I just graduated from hotel-motel management from Jefferson Davis Community College, so I hope to get into the restaurant or the hotel, whichever one comes first," said Buchanan.

If a job is offered, what happens then? Al Ryan is the Human Resources Director for the casino.

"We'll have an orientation to kind of get them acquainted into how we do things, and then they'll go to their department and be trained by each department depending on what it is and what they'll be doing in the future," Ryan explained.

One thing you quickly realize at this Golden Nugget job fair when you talk to the hundreds of people who are applying today; they bring a certain amount of dedication, skills and varied talents to the table, and they're all relatively optimistic.

"I'm a great dealer. I have school under my belt, and I also have a couple of months experience as well, and I'm awesome," said Jolly.

Even in a casino, with an attitude like that, how can you lose?

Casino officials say about 225 people will be hired between now and May 1, and about 50 of those jobs will be filled immediately.

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