Biloxi's Brady Drive Finally Has Pavement On It

A fresh layer of steaming asphalt gave Biloxi's Brady Drive a fresh, new look. And to former Biloxi councilman Norman Broussard, the new look is nice. He said, "It's a blessing to get it done."

Neighbors stood outside their homes and watched the final phase of this drawn out reconstruction project get finished. Paul Higdon told us, "It has been difficult to get in and out, and taken a lot of time. But I think it's going to be worth it."

Tanya Kennedy may be the happiest person on Brady Drive. She said her motel lost $120,000 during the construction. With Mardi Gras upon us, and snowbirds on the way, she said Biloxi paved the road in the nick of time. "I feel better," she said. "I hope my business goes back to normal like the year before."

A Brady Drive construction sign used to say the work would be done in September 2000. But Biloxi taped February 2001 over the completion date when it realized rebuilding the road was more complicated than engineers expected.

What made it so complicated? Well city leaders say Brady Drive ended up five months behind schedule because pine trees and muck under the old road had to be hauled out of here before the new road could be constructed.

For neighbors, that meant months of unwanted dust. According to Broussard, "It's been a problem keeping the car clean. But like I said before, under the circumstances, they did pretty well to keep the traffic going through. So I can't say anything real bad about them, other than it took them quite a long time."

Brady Drive neighbors say the dust and the delays will be worth it, once they enjoy their new pavement in peace. Biloxi budgeted $451,000 to rebuild Brady Drive. Once the final paperwork is done, city leaders will sit down with the contractor, determine if the delays could have been avoided, and assess any late charges.

by Brad Kessie