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Two Vancleave churches team up for a day of service


Mount Pleasant and Vancleave United Methodist Church members stepped outside the four walls of those buildings to spread God's love today. The annual The Church has left the building event offers free, helpful services to several communities across the coast.

Instead of the usual Sunday morning service, parishioners at Mount Pleasant and Vancleave United Methodist Churches gathered outside a local grocery store for a different type of service.

"What we are doing is asking customers as they come in, we give them a list of items that we need and we are just asking them to provide any of those items to help stock our pantry," volunteer Scott Holden said.

It didn't take long for the donations to start rolling in for the church's food pantry, which serves dozens of families a month.

"We have a lot of stuff and Greer's, the grocery store we are at today, donated a whole basket full of items such as this case of sausages," Holden said.

This mission of love had members from both churches just about everywhere Sunday. Groups spent the day sprucing up the outside of the local post office, feeding the needy and helping build handicapped ramps for disabled residents.

"We try doing something in every county. We have more than 12 things going on in different places. We are trying to show our young how to love, have respect for others and do it without wanting something in return," volunteer Rose McClain said.

The message of selfless service hit home for several young parishioners who got their hands dirty working at Vancleave Middle.

"It really does help out your community and you need to help out as much as you can," Vancleave Middle School student Megan Wallace said.

I think it is pretty cool we can come and help out the school." Vancleave Middle school student Mallory Hays said.

The young people have not only committed to giving more, but also helping spread God's love.

"This is my third year of doing this, and I just learn to be a better person. I find it really fun to help out the community and to teach everybody that God loves you," Vancleave Middle school student Grace McBroom said.

For more information about the food pantry or if you would like to donate, call (228) 826-5968.

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