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Rich MS Coast history featured during coast history day


History buffs were called out to the Biloxi Visitors Center Sunday afternoon, for the 24th annual Mississippi Coast History Day. Folks were able to explore and learn about the history and progress of the Gulf Coast.

Historical Administrator Bill Raymond says a lot of people think the history of the coast washed away when it was hit by Hurricane Katrina. He says he makes an extra effort to let those who come to history week know that the coast is still thriving.

"I was hearing all along that our history was gone. No, our history is not gone. Our history is alive and well," said Raymond.

"Part of what we do here today and we're doing this week is we're helping tell the story of the coast history and how important it is and how alive it is, and we still have a lot of reminiscence of that history."

Folks like Mary Eleuterius from Ocean Springs visit the history event every year. She says she enjoys learning more about both her family and coastal history.

"I'm interested in the trials and tribulations of my family that went through to make life as good as it is for me today," Eleuterius said.

The President of D'Iberville Historical Society, R.J. Deno, says knowing where you come from is important.

"It's a way of learning about who we are. What we're doing is connecting our past with our present, and calling it today. Because today is tomorrow's history and that's what makes it nice," said Deno.

Deno says historical events like this will always be important for the Gulf Coast.

"It shows people that we're not only grand as we stand, but we've been here a long time. That's what's important to people, because when you've been here a long time like this, like the coast has, that just brings people and their intriguement and they're fascinated about who we are."

This annual event is held in coordination with the anniversary of the landing of D'Iberville on the Mississippi Gulf Coast when the French Flotilla anchored off Ship Island.

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