How to Finish Furniture

Unfinished Furniture Showcase, Inc.

Easy Finishing Instructions for Water Based Stains & Finishes

We recommend water based stains and finishes because they are environmentally 
friendly (no toxic fumes) and wash up easily with soap and warm water. The following 
instructions are intended to be used only as a guideline. For specific instructions, 
please refer to the label on the product(s) you have selected.

Staining Instructions 

*For a really smooth finish, lightly mist furniture with water before initial sanding.*

1. Lightly sand unfinished furniture with 180 or 220 grit sandpaper, remove dust with 
clean cloth or vacuum. This step is to insure that there are no undesirable rough spots 
and that any foreign substances, such as skin oils, will be sanded off.

2. Divide your project into manageable sections, no more than 2 square feet. Example: 
Top, Side, Drawer Front, Door, etc.

3. Stir container. 

4. Using a poly foam brush, apply a wet liberal amount of stain over entire section 
making sure to apply with the grain. It is important to use liberal amounts of stain 
to insure workability. 

5. Wipe off excess with lint free cloth (old T-shirt) making sure to wipe with the 
grain of the wood. If too little stain is used, the surface can dry too quickly 
causing an uneven appearance. Let dry for 2-4 hours. NOTE: Do Not Buff between stain 
coat and first top coat. *Cooler temperatures and/or higher humidity will prolong dry 

Top Coating (Finishing) Instructions

***Very Important*** Do Not buff between your coat of stain and the first application of 
top coat. This first top coat helps seal in the color and helps to eliminate sanding 
color off on edges.

1. Stir container and then apply top coat with new poly foam brush . Let top coat dry 
for 2-4 hours.

2. Lightly buff between coats with the 3M superfine sanding pad or a 400 grit sandpaper.
We recommend a minimum of 3 top coats. You may use your furniture 24 hours after 3rd top 
coating. HOWEVER; topcoat takes 14 DAYS to FULLY CURE!