How and Why to Choose Unfinished Furniture

The Smart Choice

Unfinished Furniture is a smart choice: the finish and style you want, with the quality and distinction of real wood. It's available in many styles and designs for every room in your home or office - truly a value.

That's why more and more decorators are using unfinished furniture to create an extraordinary look at a price that's hard to beat. Whether you finish it yourself or have it done by others, it's the most versatile furniture you can buy.

Real Quality

There is nothing that can match the look, the feel, and the enduring value of furniture made from real wood. Stains and paints can disguise low-grade construction, but with unfinished furniture imperfections cannot hide. Manufacturers, therefore, use only select woods to produce pieces that make top quality home furnishings.

Unmatched Versatility

Unfinished Furniture is available in oak, pine, cherry, maple, and many other types of wood. A large variety of finished may be applied to produce exactly the effect you want. In fact, no other furniture affords as many possibilities for creating a distinctive color and look to match your lifestyle. You can choose woods and veneers with different grain patterns, colors, and textures. Grain patterns are like fingerprints - yours will be unique. Then let your imagination guide you to the right finish. Whether it's staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing, whitewashing, pickling, stenciling, marbleizing, or simply painting, you'll love the results.

Wide Range of Options

Whatever you want - dining room pieces, bedroom furniture, shelving units, rockers, or desks - there's unfinished furniture to fit your needs and taste. You can select from traditional, contemporary, and country styles and put individual pieces together in custom combinations - for example, this table, those chairs, and that hutch - and finish them to match.

Enduring Value

Buying unfinished furniture makes good financial sense. You can get higher quality and a greater value than can be found at factory-finished home furnishing stores.

Unfinished wood furniture is an investment that yields lasting value and satisfaction. Because each piece is personally finished, many become treasured as expressions of the buyer's special care and taste. And because this furniture is real wood, it outlasts other types of furniture that may at first seem less expensive. The furniture often becomes an heirloom, passed on with pride for generations.

Wood has another advantage: it is easy to care for and can be refinished to suit changing tastes or needs. No synthetic material can match its beauty, durability, and versatility.

Environmentally Sound

Unfinished wood furniture is friendly to the environment. Wood is a natural, renewable resource free of the disposable and manufacturing problems associated with synthetic materials. And contemporary finishing products, including the new water-based products, are more and more environmentally sound.

Because of wood's value, the industry is actively nurturing forests that shelter wildlife, clean the air, and offer recreation, while providing material to make our homes more comfortable and attractive. As more than 6 million seedlings are planted in our country every day, U.S. timberlands now have more trees than they did in 1952.

Furniture For You

Of all its merits, perhaps the best reason to buy unfinished furniture is you. You'll enjoy a sense of distinction, a feeling of pride, and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did it your way.

People who buy unfinished furniture are "satisfied customers" who continue to buy pieces to add on to what they have. (Remember, adding on is a snap with unfinished furniture, which can be easily matched.) Perhaps that's why it's one of the fastest growing and most popular kinds of furniture. Perhaps that's why the next furniture you buy should be unfinished.