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Alleged victim speaks out about man who went on crime spree

Michael David Hamilton. Michael David Hamilton.
Joe Wood. Joe Wood.

Michael David Hamilton is the man Gulfport police are accusing of going on a crime spree Thursday. Police say he stole guns from Academy Sports, held a family at gunpoint and tied up two employees at Channel Chemical before being arrested.

Before the crime spree, Hamilton was wanted by Baxter County, AR authorities for allegedly beating four people with a metal pipe and then stealing a car.

We were able to talk with one of Hamilton's alleged victims, Joe Wood. As you can imagine, Wood and is family are still shaken up about the whole ordeal. He said he has been friends with Hamilton for a long time. Wood said in the past several years he was always there to help Hamilton get back on his feet when he fell on rough times.

But Wood said he had not seen Hamilton for two years that is until last week.

"Dave, I love you like a brother. I've seen you go through so much, but I can't watch the train wreck no more. I can't keep bailing you out. You are too old," said Wood.

Just a few days after seeing him, Hamilton showed up at Wood's home saying he did not have anywhere to go. According to Wood, Hamilton has bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia and was not taking his medicine. Wood said he could tell Hamilton was not right and convinced him to go to the hospital.

After Wood said doctors gave Hamilton a shot and he refused to be admitted to the psychiatric ward Hamilton showed back up at his home. Wood told him he could stay until Monday and then he was taking him to get his medicines.

That never happened though. That night Wood said Hamilton woke up at three in the morning and came in his room holding a metal pipe from a trampoline. Hamilton beat Wood's fiancé then went after him.

"He kept hitting me. I turned around to block more blows and that's when he broke both of my arms and hit me in the head and broke my jaw."

Wood said Hamilton then went in the other room and beat the other two people in the home. When they tried to call police, Wood said they found out Hamilton had unplugged the power and phone chords.

"I had two broken arms and a broken jaw bleeding out my ears and ran to the neighbors," Wood recalled with tears.

"I didn't know where my fiancé was, I thought for sure she was dead. He was like five men, there was no stopping him."

When police arrived, Hamilton was gone. For the next few days Wood and his family were scared to go home.

"We were living a nightmare. We were living in a motel. Our house was all torn up from what he had done, we didn't feel safe. We don't have a gun and a good thing we didn't. I really feel if he knew we had a gun, I know he would have known I had it and we would probably be all shot."

Four days later, Wood said he learned Hamilton had been arrested in Mississippi.

"We are just so relieved that he finally got caught. We were so worried he was going to come back to finish the job, we don't really know what set him off. There was really no rhyme or reason, Dave really loved me as a brother and I've done a lot for him and he respected me and the kids and everything."

Wood said it will be a long healing process for himself and his family, but he is thankful they can again be in their own home.

"I knew he was capable of it, but I never dreamed he would do this to us."

Hamilton is facing 14 charges that include kidnapping, home invasion and aggravated assault. He is being held in Gulfport on a $700,000 bond but authorities said he will not be able to bond out because he is being held for his charges in Arkansas.

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