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Valentine's Day biggest day of the year for florists

Almost empty flower cooler at Cardinal Flowers. Almost empty flower cooler at Cardinal Flowers.

For florists, Valentine's Day is not a day to call in sick. Even in the weeks leading up to the big day, between 400 and 500 romance inspired orders fly out the doors.

William Brewer has owned Cardinal Flowers since 2001, and he says some of the stress comes from people planning too far ahead.

"Everybody wants their flowers delivered as early as possible. That's almost impossible to do, but we try," said Brewer.

Over the years, he's seen his share of last minute shoppers and some panicked husbands. Brewer remembers one customer fondly.

"I'll give you $50 if you tell my wife you didn't get the flowers out, and I said, 'you give me $50 and I won't tell her about this conversation'."

For Alexis Cates, this day will leave another kind of memory. Her boyfriend is in Pennsylvania. He called and told her there was something here in her name. It was a beautiful bouquet of roses.

"Since we are long distance, little things like this mean a lot, if we don't get to see each other, you know, only every six weeks," said Cates.

Her story was rare. Most of the other customers had a different mission in mind. Jansen Cohoon was shopping for more than just one woman.

"I've got one for my wife, and then one for my little girl. So, if I don't get them the same thing they get mad and jealous from each other, so I make sure they both get the same," said Cohoon.

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