Safeguarding the Election

In a little more than a week, the appeal of candidates for elected office across the nation will be tested. But, the system that decides the winners will also undergo a test that will be watched just as closely. That's one of the reasons The Mississippi Gulf Coast League of Women Voters held an informational forum Saturday entitled "Safeguarding The Election."

The public's confidence in America's voting systems has definitely been eroded to the point where many now doubt that any election result can be completely trusted. Restoring some of that trust is the idea behind the Safeguarding the Election information forum, sponsored by the Mississippi Gulf Coast League of Women Voters.

L.W.V. President Margaret Ennis says their goal is to make sure the public is educated about issues and about candidates.

There are now seven thousand new voters registered in Harrison County this election cycle, with millions more across the nation. And according to Toni Jo Diaz, Chairperson of the Harrison County Election Commission, Harrison County is the second largest county in Mississippi, with 91,000 registered voters.

The Gulf Coast League of Women Voters says they've registered more than nine hundred new voters this year.