Coast film office talks marketing and networking

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Several people involved with bringing films to the coast and throughout Mississippi say they want our state's film makers to come together during a film meeting in Gulfport Wednesday afternoon.

"Working together with partners in north Mississippi and central Mississippi to promote as a unified state to bring film in," said Bill Webb with MS Development Authority's Film Office.

Speakers talked about the importance of film festivals to not only show off work created by Mississippians, but to bring more movies to the coast. Networking at the festivals was also discussed.

"I would like to encourage all of you to attend film festivals. Meet some people. Find out what we've got here resource wise," Mary Goodson told those at the meeting.

Director of the Mississippi Coast Film Office Francisco Gonzalez says with more movies being shot in South Mississippi, the coast could see even more production companies develop on the coast.

"As the state film making grows you're going to see all these corporations coming in from out of town, other states. And what I like about this industry is that it does not just help the filmmaker behind the camera. It helps the catering company. It helps the rental house rental," Gonzalez said.

Last year, eight movie projects were filmed in Mississippi. And the Mississippi Coast film office hopes to see even more this year.

""Mississippi Grind" film will come over in March. We'll be shooting some scenes here in Mississippi, as well. And then the "Midnight Special" is a film that will start shooting sometime this week up in north Harrison County a couple scenes and then in March they will shoot in Hancock County as part of this movie," said Webb.

Gonzalez began the meeting with a tribute to Monica Goretski. She helped work in South Mississippi's film industry, but passed away from pulmonary fibrosis.

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