Ocean Springs brewery launches exclusive beers for Beau Rivage

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - An Ocean Springs brewery has three new flavors, but there is only one place you can go to get those beers. Crooked Letter Brewing Company has launched their new brews exclusively for Beau Rivage Casino Resort.

Nearly a year ago, Crooked Letter owners Paul and Wanda Blacksmith were approached by the Beau Rivage to create three custom flavors for the casino resort. After months of brewing and taste testing, these nautical flavored beers are officially on tap.

"We brewed all three of these on a small scale and said, 'What do you think?' And he called me ten minutes after they left and said, 'It's a home run,'" said Paul Blacksmith.

The three brews are Sheep Shank Ale, Anchor Bend Imperial Stout, and Double Half Hitch Imperial. Beau Rivage Beverage Manager Bruce Cartwright said they wanted to hit all the demographics in the casino.

Before Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi Blonde and six other beers were brewed on site at Coast Brewing Company, and the casino wanted to bring craft beers back.

"A lot of our customers and the community, they've been missing those beers that we created and there was a little bit of a void," said Cartwright.

For the small Ocean Springs brewing company, having its beer sold at a casino like Beau Rivage is a dream come true.

"It's an honor. It's actually kind of overwhelming to have all the beers here with people tasting and liking them, knowing that people from all over the world can potentially taste the beers that came from Crooked Letter Brewing Company," said Wanda Blacksmith.

The beers will be exclusively for the Beau Rivage and Gold Strike Casino Resort in Tunica, Mississippi.

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