Sierra Club Says Jackson County Is Headed In The Wrong Direction

Sierra Club Co-Chair person Becky Gillette wanted to take us up in the sky to get a different perspective on the development in the county.

"You can see how much of a footprint we already have on the coast as far as industrial and residential development," Gillette says.

Gillette points out the preserved marshes in St. Andrews and the site of the proposed Liquefied Natural Gas plant. But the main spot Gillette wants to look at is the MacLand Landfill.

Earlier this month, the Jackson County Board of Supervisors approved a 40-acre expansion to the MacLand site and an increased height allowance.

Supervisors say it was a compromise. Gillette says it was a step in the wrong direction.

"Some of these people that own the landfills will make millions. But does anybody living in the radius of that landfill, do they profit? No they don't," Gillette says.

A spokesperson for the National Sierra Club says 77-percent of the waste at the landfill comes from out-of-state. Officials with the group also say the expanded landfill will continue to devalue land in the area, contaminate water, and add to air pollution.

Gillette says to make money, the county should stay away from waste importation and remain focused on cleaner options like ecotourism.

by Jaimee Goad