Traffic improvements make D'Iberville safer and more profitable

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The drive through the Promenade and Lakeview Village is an easy one now. There's also an added benefit, according to D'Iberville Police Chief Wayne Payne.

"Traffic flows very smoothly now. Our accidents have reduced, our serious accidents have been reduced, it's just a great road construction," Payne said.

That construction also means more donuts are flying over the counter at Carmelita's, where Michael Tolliver is the owner.

"We've been getting a whole lot more new customers coming through the door that are now becoming regular customers because of the easier access, people that would not have normally come here," Tolliver explained.

It's the same at Star Cleaners, where Teenna Francisco is answering more calls these days.

"Traffic isn't as tied up as it used to be. More customers are coming in because they can get in and out a lot quicker and easier than they used to and get through the traffic. It's not backed up all the time," Francisco said.

Drivers also give thumbs up for the new improvements. One of them is Chuck Curtis.

"It's a high traffic count area, and I just think that it made it a lot easier from what it used to be," said Curtis.

Another driver is Myra Vela.

"It's definitely helped it. The flow of the traffic because it was just so congested with just two lanes, and the bridge and all the expansion has definitely helped a lot," said Vela.

For years, D'Iberville police officers had to direct traffic in and out of the Promenade and Lakeview Village, simply because of the amount of cars going in and out and the dangerous conditions. Now, because they don't have to be there any longer, they're free to do something even more important, according to Payne.

"They're patrolling the areas now. They're not stationary at one point, directing traffic. We have them in their vehicles and they're out in our community and in our businesses patrolling the streets," said Payne.

The improvements are most definitely a classic win-win situation.

City officials estimate that about 21,000 cars travel through the two shopping centers on a daily basis, even more on the weekends.

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