Gulfport police following leads in weekend murder

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport police say they're following-up on several leads from a shooting death over the weekend. Jeremiah Harper, 25, was shot to death early Sunday morning outside Club Illusion Two nightclub on 34th Avenue.

The club owner is cooperating with the investigation and also posted a video statement about the crime on YouTube.

The fatal shooting happened in the parking lot of the popular club at around 4:30 Sunday morning. Investigators have interviewed witnesses and reviewed video from the club's surveillance and security system.

"The investigation is going well. We have a number of leads. The club has been very cooperative in providing us with the information we need. We've had several people come forward. But we always need more to come forward that might have information on what's going on," said Gulfport Police Investigator Adam Cooper.

Club owner George Bush released an eleven and a half minute video on YouTube following the shooting outside his business. He said the night club has safeguards in place to try and prevent such incidents.

"We have sufficient security on the inside of this place. Anybody who's been here would know that. We've worked diligently on striving to become better. We have police officers outside this place. That is their job to watch what is going on outside and in fact, they did their job," he says on the video.

The club owner says he's working with Gulfport police and will do whatever he can to make certain the person responsible for this murder is brought to justice.

"I hope you do understand that Club Illusion is not a bad place. And it's not a negative impact of things to happen. It happened because we had one rotten apple that spread it across that barrel," Bush tells his You Tube audience.

Watch the full video here:

Investigators would not comment about possible motive or say whether they have a suspect. If you were at the club that night, or have any information that might help investigators, call the Gulfport Police Department at (228) 868-5959.

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