Rock And Roll For Hurricane Relief

Hundreds of fans gathered at the Gulfport Grand Event Center Friday night for WCPR's Rock and Relief Concert. They rocked to the sounds of such acts as Atomship, Fall As Well, 12 Stones, and Illbreak.

The charity concert benefits the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund with 100-percent of ticket sales going toward hurricane victims in Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.

"There are still a good many victims being helped. They've already been helped with some immediate assistance but now we're looking at some long term assistance they sorely need. This money is going to go to help them and be able to provide, not only for long term needs, but some of the emotional needs and physical needs that they have," said local Red Cross executive director Oscar Barnes.

"The younger audience here on the Coast, the younger listener and the consumer, they want to do good too and they want to give back to the community. This just shows what they can do and that they really do care," said Triad Broadcasting senior vice president Steve Fehder.

It's a good time for a good cause.

"Hopefully, we'll get a lot of people out here to raise a lot of money to help these victims out there, because next time, you know, it could be us that really need the help," said WCPR personality Scott Fox.

More than a thousand concert tickets had been sold before the doors opened.