Pascagoula Woman Tied Up And Beaten In Her Home

Police are investigating the assault of an elderly woman in Pascagoula. A neighbor found 94-year-old Corliss Ritchie in her home on Williams Street late Saturday morning. Neighbors say someone beat the woman, tied her up, and ransacked her house.

She was found about 24 hours after the ordeal when a concerned neighbor went to the house after she couldn't be reached on her phone. Ritchie is now in the hospital, recovering from her injuries.

Neighbors say they can't understand why anyone would want to hurt such a sweet woman.

"Right after we bought this house, she bought us over some blueberry muffins that she had made to welcome us into the neighborhood," Ritchie's neighbor, Kathy Garrison said.  "She's been here forever. She's lived alone in that house for a long, long time, and everyone in the neighborhood just loves her to pieces, and it just kills us that we didn't know that she was in trouble."

If you have any information in this case, please call the Pascagoula Police Department at 762-2211.