D'Iberville City Council meets to discuss annexation

D'Iberville City Council members meet to go over details about annexation.
D'Iberville City Council members meet to go over details about annexation.

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The city of D'Iberville is seeing a huge spike in progress. New shopping centers, new roads and bridges, and even expansion. But, big changes bring more responsibility. Monday night, the D'iberville City Council met in what they called a workshop to bring new members up to speed.

Robby Ellis is one of the three newest members. He is the Councilman for Ward Four and says the responsibility isn't something to complain about.

"We're blessed to have the stress of the developments, because, I mean, you've got cities that are really trying to scratch by right now," he said.

According to City Planner Jeff Taylor, the newest members needed to be caught up so that new projects can move forward as smoothly as possible.

"We hope to give the council a little overview of some of the projects that we've planned for the annexation area, we have certain requirements to meet," Taylor said.

These requirements include new fire stations, a new police complex, and new roads, just to name a few. With all of these tasks at hand, Ellis said he's ready to work. His dedication to the city's success is a trait he finds common among the council members.

"We started before we actually took oath because there was just so much to catch up on, and I think we all felt a responsibility to really do a good job," said Ellis.

One of the projects being discussed was the next phase for a sports complex in the newly annexed area, costing around $3 million.

"Some of these issues have been around for years and years and year, some these are brand new to them. So we hope to give them the information they need so they need so they get a better feel for it, a little more in depth knowledge of it," said Taylor.

He also said that the purpose of the meeting wasn't to make decisions; it was mainly to get the city council members thinking about the future. This forward thinking is something Taylor says keeps D'Iberville moving forward.

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