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Autauga Co. investigators accuse boys of harassment after school bus fight


A case stemming from an altercation on a moving school boys between several young boys has been turned over to the Autauga County juvenile court.

The incident was investigated by the Autauga County Sheriff's Office after one of the boys was hospitalized.

It happened Friday, February 7, 2014, on a bus on its way to Pine Level Elementary. 

According to authorities, words were exchanged between three boys on the bus and two of the boys got physical, "pushing and shoving" each other. The nine-year-old victim was reportedly hit in the stomach, officials said. 

Once at school, the child told his teacher his stomach hurt and he was sent to the nurse, who then called an ambulance.

The student was taken to a Prattville hospital where doctors expressed concern about possible internal injuries and he was transferred to a Birmingham hospital and has since been released. On Friday, the victim's parents reported the incident to the Autauga County Sheriff's Office. 

Autauga County Sheriff Herbie Johnson declined to comment on what the fight stemmed from.

He said a video camera was rolling on the bus at the time of the incident. The sheriff's office subpoenaed Autauga County school officials for the footage so they could review it.

Spence Agee, Autauga County school superintendent, said he reviewed the tape before he handed it over to authorities. 

"I took a look at the tape and looked at the incident briefly and I noticed two males in a minor altercation on the bus and I handed the tape over to the sheriff's department," he said. 

Rumors spread rapidly about the incident which Agee addressed. 

"I have no knowledge of any type of bullying because we haven't done any investigation up to this point due to the sheriff's office having the lead," he told WSFA.

Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger said Tuesday that the investigation by the Autauga County Sheriff's Office into the matter was complete and that two petitions had been signed for harassment against the 11-year-old boys who targeted the nine-year-old on the bus. All of the documentation and findings were turned over to the juvenile office. Sedinger said it will be up to a juvenile judge to determine whether any action is taken against the boys.

A copy of the findings will also be provided to the Autauga County Board of Education.

Agee said that the Autauga County school system would conduct its own internal investigation once they received the findings from the sheriff's office. He declined to release the video of the scuffle due to the fact that the case involves minors. He said the school system will wait until the case moves through the court system before deciding if any disciplinary action would be taken against the students.

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