Sheriff's deputies provide transparency during major inventory

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A major inventory is in its second week in Jackson County. Deputies are trying to determine how much equipment the sheriff's department already owns. Recently, county supervisors discovered their records don't detail everything that was bought by former Sheriff Mike Byrd. Deputies said they want to provide transparency to the taxpayers of Jackson County.

"The rangers and trailers, each of those have tracking numbers on them, inventory control numbers or serial numbers, and they are entered into our in-house database we track, and we match with the county's master list," Capt. Bryan Boomer White said.

A small team of deputies and the county's inventory manager are in charge of the inspecting 7,000 items, possibly more.

"No surprises, so far. We have just been in it about a week. Everything so far has matched, besides some clerical errors," said Nancy Anglada, the inventory control manager for Jackson County.

"We will have full report of all items that have been inventoried. We will have a list of those items that can't be located and or been disposed of. Then what we'll do is match it up with the county's master list and see what items need to be taken off of inventory. Of course, there is going to be a large amount of items that will be sent to auction for surplus," said White.

County supervisors recently questioned how much stuff the department actually owns following former Sheriff Mike Byrd's resignation. Byrd pleaded guilty to federal and state crimes back in December. Deputies understand and said the goal is to be transparent through the process.

"I want residents to know that we are good stewards of the taxpayer's money. We are going to lookout for the equipment that they bought and purchased. We are proud of the equipment we have. We are proud of the equipment that we have been able to maintain over the years. It has made our jobs easier and it has made safe for people in the community to have good equipment," White said.

The county's inventory control manager said this inspection is part of county-wide inventory and the sheriff's department was the first on the list.

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