Research before ordering your Valentine flowers

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - While you're searching for the perfect flowers for your special someone this Valentine's Day, one florist is warning you to think about what flower company you're going to use.

Do your research on floral shops and Cardinal Flowers owner William Brewer says you'll get a higher quality and better looking arrangement. Not doing your research can leave you with flowers that look like they've seen better days.

"When you order online you have to be very careful. You know number one, is this what my young lady's gonna want? To me, ordering flowers in a box with a vase and all the stuff is kinda like giving them a box of cake mix and some icing and saying, 'Here happy birthday,'" said Cardinal Flowers owner William Brewer.

According to Brewer when you order from a florist that you're not really familiar with you can end up with a bad bouquet.

For instance if you're sending boxed flowers you could end up with damaged heads and damaged foliage. Then the person you're sending them to has to place the flowers in the vase themselves and arrange the flowers. If the recipient knows what they're doing the arrangement could look pretty nice, but if the person getting them doesn't know what they're doing the arrangement could look dull.

Brewer says the flowers ordered online or over the phone could also be a color you didn't want and lack proper refrigeration or go without the chemicals needed to make them last longer. To avoid all the stress of ordering a bad batch Brewer says your best bet is to order your flowers in person.

"One of our local guys here town, one of the one's that have a slab on the ground. They're actually ordering and they're paying county taxes," Brewer recommended.

He says that makes it easier to get exactly what you order, it helps the economy, arrangements will usually look better and if you have an issue you can simply talk to someone face-to-face without having to wait on a phone line. Brewer says if you are going to order online or over the phone, it's best to ask several questions about the company and read the reviews on it.

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