Biloxi baseball stadium raises parking concerns

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - When it comes to baseball in Biloxi, there have been many questions and concerns. Stadium parking has been one of the main talking points.

The proposed plan for the stadium boasts seating for 6,000 spectators. City leaders are avoiding building a parking garage for the stadium because they do not want to risk having to bring down historic buildings in order to make room.

Since there will not be a parking garage designated for folks attending baseball games, some residents who live near the stadium are worried people may park in front of their houses.

According to Community Development Director Jerry Creel, the point is for visitors to have to walk through downtown Biloxi.

In most major cities that have baseball stadiums, that's how it is. It allows visitors to pass restaurants and shops, in hopes they will support downtown businesses.

Creel hopes to reassure residents that they should not be worrying about parking issues.

"We don't believe the parking people are going to be parking in the neighborhoods," said Creel.

"We have adequate parking in the downtown area to accommodate what we feel like are going to be the numbers for the first year anyway."

City officials have identified around 2,000 parking spaces that will be available to baseball fans within a three block radius of the stadium.

Creel says technically, people aren't supposed to park on city streets, but it's an ordinance that's not strictly enforced.

However, if people park in front of your driveway you can have them towed.

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