School Principal Says Fire Could Have Been Worse

On Sunday Lopez Elementary School principal Murray Killebrew looked over the damage from a fire the night before that damaged a classroom. The Biloxi Fire Department says the fire may have been deliberately set.

The fire broke out around 5:30 Saturday and damaged part of a building that's currently under construction.

The new classrooms are being built to help ease school overcrowding. Killebrew says the school has so many students that some classes are being held in the auditorium and in hallways. He says if one of the other buildings had caught fire, it would be very difficult to accommodate the students.

"We're limited in space," Killebrew said. "We are awaiting the construction to be complete so we would have had to get a little bit tighter I guess. But thank goodness we don't even have to consider that right now."

The contractor told WLOX News that he's not sure how much the fire will delay the completion of the building, but Killebrew is hoping to move the students in by spring break.

by Danielle Thomas