Demolition of Highway 67 bridge makes room for expansion

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The process started at 7 p.m. Saturday when Interstate 10 was shut down for miles as work crews laid down a thick layer of sand beneath the old Highway 67 overpass.

It wasn't long after the sand went down before the big machines went to work, crushing the old bridge into dust.

MDOT Project Manager Michael Harter said the work is necessary if D'Iberville is going to grow.

"We're building a new bridge as part of the new diamond diversion interchange that will occur at this location, as part of the large infrastructure project here in the D'Iberville area," Harter said.

Of course shutting down a major road for an entire night took quite a bit of planning, but Harter says all that planning paid off.

"The process has gone really really well. The demolition is moving smoothly. The machines are working simultaneously. We have extra machines, in case those break down. Law enforcement has done a great job installing a detour, and everything is going great."

The demolition did cause a headache for some drivers, as they had to take a 19 mile detour.

Westbound drivers were diverted from I-10, to get on Highway 67, then take Highway 605 to get back on the interstate. The same detour in reverse for eastbound drivers.

Traffic got a bit thick because of the major detour, but several law enforcement agencies worked together on a large scale to keep drivers safe and on track.

"Since we installed the detour, I-10 westbound going toward Exit 46 has flowed perfectly. We've had no congestion there what so ever. I-10 eastbound toward 607 has seen a little bit of congestion, but we do have MDOT engineers stationed at those signals along that detour to maximize those areas and try to get the detours through."

MDOT crews are expected to be done tearing down the bridge and cleaning up all debris by 9 a.m. Sunday.

MDOT officials also say they expect to start construction of the new, expanded over pass right away.

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