MS athletes compete in Highland Strongman games for good cause

Athlete competes in Log Press event at MS Highland Strongman Championship
Athlete competes in Log Press event at MS Highland Strongman Championship

GAUTIER, MS (WLOX) - Saturday was a perfect day to be outdoors. For one group of athletes, that meant getting together for a sporting event at the Jackson County Soccer Complex, but they weren't playing soccer. They were competing in the second annual Mississippi Highland Strongman Championships.

Jayson Tisdale put the event together and said it was something that the coast really needed.

"I said, you know what? I see a hole here in the south for strongman type events, so let's build something," said Tisdale.

Build something is exactly what he did. There were 15 men from all across the state competing in six different events. All of the events were based on how much you could pick up, walk with and even throw.

Amanda Micka was a judge for these tests of ability and strength. She said that the day was about more than games for these athletes.

"The comradery, because, I mean they have (these competitions) all over the state. I mean, you see the same group of people, you know, you build a lot of friendships, meet a lot of new, you know, great people," Amanda Micka said.

There was something else that stood out about this group of men. They were all in kilts.

According to athlete John Micka that wardrobe decision was a nod to the culture that inspired the games.

"Traditional Scottish wear in the games. It goes back to when the clans would get together and show their physical prowess in games of sport, like today," said John Micka.

He said he didn't mind.

"It's really comfortable, I'd wear it ever day it I could. I really like a kilt."

All of the proceeds from the event went to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital. For more info please visit:

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