Red Creek Off-Road Mud Fest makes a big splash in Perkinston

PERKINSTON, MS (WLOX) - More than 1,000 off-road enthusiasts with trucks and ATVs are in Perkinston having a muddy good time. The Red Creek Off-Road Fest kicked off Friday and features everything from concerts to mud bogging competitions.

Monster mud trucks splashed through these deep pits leaving spectators amazed at Saturday's Red Creek Off-Road Mud Fest.

"We get all these big trucks like in the background. We pay out big dollars for them to come around," said organizer Brandon Necaise.

"We have them all the way from Maine, Georgia and we have some from Michigan. They come down to race and win that money."

Brian Rigsby brought his supersized truck "Showdawg" from Georgia to show off in the mud bogging competition.

"It's nothing like the power of the truck when you get into a hole and you think you going to get stuck and you just throttle on down on it, and you come on out of it," Rigsby said.

"Like I said, it's in your blood from when you were a kid. Either you like playing in the mud are you don't."

The motor sport seems to be a popular event in Perkinston. Organizers said the participation more than doubled from last year even including ATVs.

"Last year, we had about five or six hundred and this time. Right now, we're already at 1,500, so this is a big boost for the area. This event really gets all the kids out of the house to have a real good family time," Necaise said.

Many locals and guests here hope the event comes back next year, so they can have even more fun in the mud.

"Play in the mud, that's what we do," an off-road enthusiast said.

"Everyone comes together and rides and everyone comes out and enjoys themselves," Necaise said.

This is the tenth year for the mud fest. It ends Sunday at Red Creek Off-Road Park in Perkinston.

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