Rare Anderson art goes on the auction block Saturday

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - A unique piece of South Mississippi's art history is up for auction Saturday. The Shearwater Pottery jardinière is valued anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000. Neal Auction House in New Orleans lists the piece as a "rare and likely unique" piece of Shearwater Pottery created by the famous Ocean Springs Potter Peter Anderson around 1940.

The jardinière is basically a large pot for the garden. Some damage to the pot indicates it was used the way Anderson intended. The current owner, who is selling the pot, told the auction house it was used in a New Orleans yard for decades.

The auction website describes it as "remarkable not only for its monumental size and form, but for the fact that it has survived to this day." It was made by special order and hand pressed by Peter Anderson into a mold.

The piece was decorated by James McConnell "Mac" Anderson incorporates scrolling vertical forms that bring to mind clouds, waterspouts or mermaids purses. The design pulls from his brother painter Walter Anderson's famous linocuts of Clouds and Waterspouts.

According to the folks at Neal Auction House, the pot stands 26 inches high and 19 inches around. It's believed the pot was fired in the ground because Anderson's kiln wouldn't have held it.

The original mold was at the Shearwater site until 2005 when it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

There are other Anderson pieces being auctioned Saturday, as well. They are a Shearwater bowl made by Peter Anderson around 1950 and three Mac Anderson oil painting on masonite.

You can see the items listed in the auction catalogue. Search by the following lot numbers: 443, 444, 469, 470, 471. http://www.nealauction.com/indexie.html

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