Convention Center staff prepares for 4th Annual Beer Fest

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The American Homebrewers Association estimates there are approximately 750,000 home brewers in the United States. Since the Mississippi home brewing law went into effect last year, craft beers have been growing in popularity throughout the state.

Project manager Trevor Starnes has put together the 4th Top of the Hops Beer Festival in Biloxi.

"There's always been a nice buzz for craft beer in Mississippi, it just hasn't been as prevalent as the last couple of years," Starnes said.

"More people are getting into it, and I just think it's good for the industry of craft brewery, and it's only going to get bigger in the next couple of years."

Vice President of Rex Distributing Company Ann Magruder says the boom of beer breweries makes events like this enjoyable.

"It's very fun to be able to compare different beers and the different styles," said Magruder.

"Then just speaking with the brew masters and learning what they go through to put a beer together and put it up to market and why it tastes differently, or what different hops they use."

Along with the beer tasting, the World of Sam Adams returns with educational sessions throughout the event, where beer fans can learn more about cooking with beer, how to pair their beer with food and news from around the brewing world.

Magruder enjoys sessions like this so beer lovers can understand the taste of each brew.

"Learning all of the details and science behind the beer and then being able to taste it and seeing what it does to your tongue and how it can compare to food on a palette."

"It's just something that everyone can try together, and it's a really good community atmosphere," Starnes said.

Beer fans can also look forward to great live music, food and a corn-hole tournament.

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