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Farm bill's impact on Mississippi

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Get ready to save some money at the grocery store. Your coupon comes in the form of the new farm bill. President Obama signed off on it today.



"So many ups and downs and didn't look like it was going to go through and didn't for a long time," said farmer Danny Murphy.

Friday's farm bill signing is one farmer Murphy worried he wouldn't see happen.

"Really I guess the first reaction is just relief," explained Murphy who serves as President of the American Soybean Association. "That it's finally done."

And relief for you too. Now that farmers have help from the government again,your milk prices, for instance, will see a steady decrease. Plus, the bill gives a financial cushion for farmers.

"Every business operates better when it has certainty and understands what the parameters are going to be in the future," said Murphy. "I think this farm bill gives us a certainty over the next five years."

A bulk of the cost tied to the farm bill is for the food stamp program. Marilyn Blackledge works with the Mississippi Food Network. She says the state won't see cuts to the SNAP program like those in "heat and eat" states.

"Those people get more food stamps because they have such a high cost in heating bills," Blackledge said. "And so those are the states that are mainly being effected by the SNAP cuts."

The Food Network provides emergency food assistance at food banks across the state.

"We are able to kind of order," explained Blackledge. "And we always tried to order the nutritious items that are staple food that will really help a family be able to prepare a meal."

It's a service that could see more funding with the new law.

"The farm bill's a win for us," Blackledge exclaimed. "It's a win for Mississippi."


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