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Busy work day for Interstate Towing as storm hits Western Mass

While a majority of businesses and schools were closed Wednesday, some employees say snow days are their busiest.

Joshua Johnson is a towing driver for Interstate Towing. He had his work cut out for him when the storm came rolling into town.

"Our work load as far as today, will not be over until the next couple days when we catch up," explained Johnson.

"Busy is an understatement for sure. It is non-stop today," he continued.

Johnson drove around Chicopee since 7 a.m. Wednesday, removing illegally parked cars from side streets and helping stranded drivers along the roadways.

"It's on the go. We get to the next person who may be stranded or illegally parked depending on which job we are doing next," said Johnson.

During past snow storms, Interstate Towing picked up as many as 252 cars in just one day.

"Today, overall I'll probably see 25 to 30 cars from the beginning of my shift to the end of my shift," said Johnson.

Between driving in the snow, slush and ice and being out in the cold helping those in need, Johnson said his job isn't the safest, but it's worth it.

"The look of relief on people's faces when you show up after they've been waiting for 20, 30 minutes, sometimes 45, when I show up on scene, people love me," said Johnson.

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