Heroin becoming more common on the coast

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - People around the nation have been talking a lot about heroin this week following the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Though his official cause of death hasn't been determined, it's believed he was using the drug when he died.

The people who battle drug addictions of all kinds here in South Mississippi tell us heroin is a problem, and a growing one.

Denny Spence is a recovering heroin addict. He injected himself daily for almost two years, and now he can say he's been clean for ten. Spence works at the Home of Grace Christian Addiction Center in Vancleave. He learned that once you start with drugs, even if you think you'll only do it once, you can't stop.

"It started off mainly in high school just having fun. You know, partying, and one thing led to another," Spence said.

Now, as he works with addicts, Spence sees the changing face of drug abuse on the coast. Addicts tell him, heroin is now easy to get in South Mississippi. He says that the trend is spreading from Louisiana into our state.

As an ex-addict, he is quick to offer advice to those who may think about using drugs.

"The choices you make today will decide where you're at in ten years."

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