"Make A Difference Day" Inspires South Mississippians

Across the country everyday people are taking the words "Love Thy Neighbor" and applying them to their lives. Saturday is "Make A Difference Day."

Fishing is one of John Gilley's favorite past times. The 67 year old says when he's casting alongside the students from the Gulfport Job Corps, he doesn't feel old.

"I'm not an old fellow," said Gilley. "I'm a young dude."

The "Make a Difference Day" picnic brought students together residents of the Driftwood Nursing home. The day was a special treat to older group who spend much of their time indoors.

Carrie Candebat is the activities coordinator at Driftwood.

"It means a lot to the residents to get out with the students and interact with them and that they're able to show them share different stories and wisdom with them."

Taris Jones says young people can learn a lot from senior citizens He's learned "how to treat people with respect because you've got to treat everybody with respect. If you don't you won't get any respect for yourself."

Jewelry boxes, vases, books and more will be on sale at Mercy Cross High school this weekend.

"Throughout all our years at Mercy Cross, we've been told you know you need to make a difference and that you're sent here to help someone else, " said student Jaime Weaver. "I think we actually took it this year and put it into action."

Students decided to hold a garage sale. The money will go to Saint Vincent DePaul pharmacy and to a disabled woman having trouble paying for her medication.

Mercy Cross senior Christian Malley said "We can make a difference in the community with just a few hours of our time and it feels good to know that we actually have made a difference."

The garage sale will be this Saturday at the Mercy Cross gym. There could be other Make A Difference day events in your area.