Three people charged with selling liquor in dry county

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Three people are facing charges for illegally selling alcohol in Stone County. The county is a dry county, with the exception of Wiggins, where light wine and beer can be sold.

Stone County Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control confiscated more than 15 gallons of liquor, 220 cans of beer and 22 grams of spice from a club, a home and a small quick stop in the county limits all within a mile of each other.

Law enforcement officials said this isn't the first time the club has been ticketed for selling liquor to customers.

"We have had a different variety of problems, it may be aggravated assault, someone shooting a gun in the air, fights, arguments, just uncontrolled mayhem because of the alcohol and we are not able to step in and enforce it correctly," Captain Jay Green with the Stone County Sheriff's Department said.

After confiscating several things from the club Friday, the owner was given a ticket for possession of alcohol with the intent to sell. But that's only a misdemeanor, unless a person is convicted of it three times within so many years.

"The problem is this particular club changes hands with the ownership so much so we are unable to charge the same person repetitiously and actually get to that felony," Green said. "But we are currently waiting on an opinion from our county attorney to see what we can do to make it better for the community."

The club sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Even though the sign above the door says "No fighting, no loud music and no drugs," Green said those are some of the many complaints deputies are constantly hearing from neighbors.

"People are in and out all hours of the night. They have complaints of loud music, the fighting and fussing," Green said. "Good people are trying to go to bed and they are interrupted all hours of the night."

In July, there was a shootout at the club, which deputies told us was believed to be between two rival gangs.

Sheriff officials expect there will be more charges in the alcohol raid.

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