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Shoppers scooping up foods for Super Bowl parties


On Sunday many of you will gather around a television and watch the Seahawks take on the Broncos in Super Bowl 48. And while you're watching you'll likely be eating the not-so-healthy, yet, traditional Super Bowl finger foods.  

Carts at Winn Dixie in Biloxi were filling up fast with everything from chips to hamburger meat.

Next to Thanksgiving and New Year's, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the busiest days for Winn Dixie in Biloxi. The grocery store prepares for the influx of customers by providing everything on their party lists.  

"We're doing a lot of chips; a lot of people are making their own dips. We're seeing a lot of that. Beverages are really big this year," said Winn Dixie Co-director Tim Sanders.  

At the deli and bakery, chefs are working non-stop making themed cookie cakes, cupcakes, party platters and lots of cooked chicken. Like other busy holidays, the store not only offers quick meals, but also ideas for any Super Bowl party.  

"The display shows a variety of party platters that you could pick up at the store that will make your life easier," Sanders said as he pointed out a table with team colored cookies, as well as, sandwich, vegetable and fruit party platters.   

The grocery store chain stocked up on items you don't see everyday like a 10 pound bag of chicken wings. Considering other popular foods, the store also tripled their order of frozen pizza.

Customers who will be attending a party say they're throwing out their normal diets.  

"I like the taco dip. You know the 7-layer taco dip? And just try to watch calorie intake," said shopper Joenelle Parker.  

"Super bowl type food, nachos, hamburgers, chili that type of thing" said shopper Alan Serotta.  

Hugo Reverse says he's hosting a party this year and has his son helping him find something everyone will like.  

"Grilling outside, since the weather's getting better now. Thank God. We have the beer going and the sodas for the kids and the burgers and some sausage right here," Reverse said.  

Unless your superstitious or allergic, shoppers say, it shouldn't matter what food you have at a party, just be sure it tastes good.  

To provide shoppers with ideas for an easy Super Bowl party Winn Dixie partnered with the Modern Day Mom's blog click here for ideas.

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