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Keesler may lose airmen to Air Force downsizing


The United States military is in a state of downsizing to save money. These cuts include the Air Force which is looking to slim down by 25,000 airmen. This downsize means that Keesler will likely be taking a personnel hit in 2014.

Brigadier General Patrick Higby, who is the commander at Keesler, said this is the biggest reduction the Air Force has ever gone through.

"Now we're going to tell them 'OK, you've served your nation well. Thank you very much.' What happens next?," questioned Higby.

He does not know how many airmen may be let go at Keesler, but says it will be a loss either way.

"It's not just a loss for the Air Force, I put myself in that airman's position, and many of our airmen joined the Air Force to serve this great nation."

He said those who are cut will most likely have opportunities in other branches like the National Guard.

Higby says all the airmen at Keesler are remarkable.

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