Aspiring clothing designers know the meaning of giving back

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Ashton Barnett and Tyrone Price are both 22-years-old, and already know the meaning of hard work.

Their clothing line may have a controversial name, but they see it as a tool to help motivate others.

"Lust is basically a desire, passion. A pursuit of what you want to get. Your dreams, your goals," Barnett said.

Barnett and Price both have a passion and eye for fashion. What started off as designing clothes for their friends, turned into a positive opportunity.

With their rising success, they knew it wasn't a time to be greedy, but a time to give back to the community where they both grew up.

They're doing that by giving away clothes to those in need which is plenty of people during this year's harsh winter.

"Everyone has a story, and we kind of use that, someone's story, to help them with "Lust." Being blessed with something as positive as this clothing line, why wouldn't I give back? It's all about giving back," said Barnett

Giving back has never been a hard thing to do for the two, especially with the responses they get.

"People smiling and loving our clothes makes me feel even better," said Price.

"It's not really a big deal to me. You could be in that situation one day or I could be in that situation one day. Maybe one day I may need a helping hand from them, so why not help others while I can," Barnett said.

They're happy to help and motivate others. That's what "Lust Clothing" is all about.

February 1 marks the six month anniversary of Lust Clothing.

If you'd like to view their merchandise and support Lust Clothing, visit

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