Surveillance cameras catch thieves in action

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Hancock County Sheriff's Department is trying to track down the thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a feed store in North Hancock County.

It happened early Tuesday morning at the Dixieland Home, Farm & Garden Feed Store on Highway 603. The store's surveillance cameras captured the thieves in action and that's where you might be able to help authorities.

Using a mobile device? Watch the surveillance video here:

When it comes to crime, Tuesday's break-in wasn't the feed store's first rodeo.

"It happened in September of 2013 and it happened in 2011. When it happens, most of the time it's fencing products because that's the most expensive thing that we deal with," said store manager Jessica Trehern.

The latest burglary was no exception. The video shows two people in a pick-up truck. Authorities say they're hauling away at least $5,000 in fencing materials.

"At approximately 2:28 Tuesday morning, two individuals stole approximately 100 T-posts, 17 rolls of barbwire, five rolls of field fence, and six 4x16 posts were taken," explained Mark Alison, an investigator with the Hancock County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities say the thieves made entry to the grounds through a gate on the west side of the building.

"It appears they took some bolt cutters and actually cut the locks off," said Alison.

After the last time the store was hit by thieves, the owner had surveillance cameras installed. You can't immediately recognize the people in the video, but the getaway vehicle is a different story.

"Were hoping somebody will recognize the vehicle. It appears to be an early model 1990s Chevy, long bed. It's just a regular bed, but it does have a metal tool box in the back, and it has what appears to be three stickers on the back window," said Alison.

The store manager hopes the investment made in cameras will help authorities catch the crooks.

"It aggravates you. I mean, we have to pay for the products, so I don't know why people think they don't have to pay for it either," said Trehern.

The store manager believes the thieves are likely selling the material for a quick profit. But investigators say they may actually be building a fence with the stolen goods.

Crimestoppers is offering a reward to anyone who can provide information on this case that leads to an arrest and conviction. That number is 1-877-787-5898. Or you can contact the Hancock County Sheriff's Department at (228) 466-6953.

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