NAACP Wants Death Investigation Reopened

68-year old Arnell Hill died on March 3, 2000, after being hit by a car on Highway 609 north of Ocean Springs. The two people in the car admitted to police they didn't stop, and they weren't sure what they had hit. The driver was not charged in the accident and a Jackson County grand jury did not indict him.

Now almost one year later, NAACP Director James Crowell and the attorney representing Hill's family says the case shouldn't be dropped.

"Hill is an individual, be he black or white," Crowell says.  "He still is an individual, and somebody killed him.  Somebody hit him, and we know who did it, and there should at least have been an indictment where these two individuals should have been taken to a jury and let that jury make a decision as to their guilt or not."

The attorney representing Hill's family says at the least, charges of leaving the scene of an accident should have been filed.  And Melvin Cooper says alcohol was involved.

"Both parties had been consuming alcohol, both parties, particularly the operator admitted he had consumed several beers prior to this accident."

According to the police report, both people in the car did admit they'd been drinking the night Hill was killed.

Jackson County District Attorney Keith Miller told us the case was presented to the grand jury in the same manner as every other case. Miller says the grand jury could not find any probable cause to indict the two people. Miller says he can't present the case to another grand jury unless he gets new evidence.