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East Mississippi roads remain icy

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

If you think you were having it tough, check out what the wintry blast was doing to some folks in east Mississippi. On Highway-19, south near Meridian, in Lauderdale county, a thick sheet of ice coated the roadway for about 5 miles, making it almost impossible to navigate.

There were numerous accidents, including a car which flipped over onto the side of the road.
Some motorists got out and tried to push vehicles up an icy hill. An ambulance even got stuck in the ice trap.

It was a first for the 18-wheeler driver Charles Freeman of Clarksville, Arkansas. He said he has been on the roads all over America since 1978.

"All of my brakes was locked on my truck and trailer and I got out of it and the truck started sliding down the hill, with all those brakes locked," said Freeman. "I've never seen that before."

It was just as tough trying to stand up as it was for vehicle tires to get traction. Some motorists even used tire irons or whatever they could find to try and chip the ice off the highway.

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