Ice continues to divide Biloxi and Ocean Springs

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge was closed Tuesday and Wednesday due to ice accumulating on the bridge and making it dangerous for anyone driving on it. Those people impacted by the bridge closure are ready for the barricades to be lifted.

An estimated 25,000 vehicles travel the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge each day. But those who use the bridge have had to find alternative routes thanks to the ice. Casino worker Rocco Asencio is one of those who regularly travel the bridge.

He says the cold snap has affected both his pocket book and his safety.

"If you can't make it here, than that's another story and then you worry about your safety at the same time. What are you gonna do are? You going to risk your life to come to work and die in the process, it's ridiculous," said casino worker Rocco Asencio.

The cold has put a damper on one north Mississippi man's travel plans. Alan Callicott came to Biloxi for an insurance conference at a casino. He didn't realize how bad the weather would be on the coast.

"We were debating, when class got out today. We were debating whether or not to head back to north Mississippi and we thought we better just wait it out another night and drive home tomorrow. We were concerned," said out-of-towner Alan Callicott.

Although the Mississippi Department of Transportation crews treated the bridge with thousands of gallons of brine salt and bulk salt, it didn't melt the ice enough to open the bridge.

Signs and barricades continue to line the entrances at each end of the bridge until authorities decide it's safe for the public.

The bridge will open Thursday, no word yet on what time.

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