South MS drivers talk about traveling icy roads

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The on ramps allowing drivers on Highway 49 to get to Interstate 10 were closed part of Wednesday. Emergency officials said the slickness of the road and the curve made it too dangerous for traffic until MDOT crews had a chance to put sand down.

WLOX talked to some drivers about what it's like driving when there is ice on the road.

Please try to stay off the roads is the advice South Mississippi emergency responders have been giving drivers for past few days.

"It's bad," said driver Kim McClendon.

"If you don't need to be out here, then you don't need to be out here."

Othell Atkins said he had a difficult time getting around.

"It's been kind of hectic. Been doing a lot of slipping this morning," said Atkins.

For many reasons from family emergencies to work obligations, some people found themselves driving on icy roads and crossing icy bridges.

"Oh, no the bridges. I try to avoid them at all cost," said Atkins.

"I just came across one, and it was kind of like on a slant and that was real tricky coming across there."

"I went this morning to take care of some bills and slipped. It's just crazy. People don't need to be out here. It's bad. Never seen nothing like this in my life," said McClendon.

Some drivers said while they were driving slowly and with care, their worry is sharing the road with motorists who don't.

Anthony Woody moved here from Kansas City a few years ago.

"I'm used to the cold weather and all that," Woody said.

"But, I know the people down here are not as used to it as I am so they may not know how to drive in it as well as I do. It does make me nervous. I just back off, and I let them have the road."

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