Mississippi Power to assist Florida residents in Pensacola

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - After Hurricane Katrina, local residents can remember when power companies from other states made their way into South Mississippi and assisted in our recovery. Mississippi Power has, and will always return the favor when power restoration is needed in neighboring states.

"Mississippi power is sending about 45 employees, including line crews and personnel, to assist with energy restoration in Gulf Power," said Mississippi Power spokesman Keith Guillot.

He said the city of Pensacola, FL was severely affected by the ice storm and Gulf Power, a sister company of Mississippi Power, needs help restoring electricity in that area.

Mississippi Power Line Supervisor Robert Buras says South Mississippi fared well, and that's why local crews are heading to Florida.

"In Pensacola they have about 6,000 customers out and we're planning on trying to arrive there later on this afternoon to help restore the power to them," said Buras.

Buras, and other Mississippi Power volunteers from South Mississippi, held a briefing Wednesday morning before traveling to Pensacola.

"When we start heading out as we go towards Biloxi, once we get close to Biloxi we'll call the Biloxi group to get into our convoy," Buras told the crew of volunteers. 

The men got into their trucks, lined up and began their journey to Pensacola. However, they ran into road blocks.

A number of the roads and bridges were closed due to icing, and the South Mississippi crew was forced to return back to the coast and will be on standby ready to hit the highway once the roadways are opened.

Mississippi Power spokesperson Cindy Duvall says Mississippi Power volunteers from North Mississippi will now head to Pensacola finding back roads to get there.

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