Campaign Links Veterans With Voting

George McGarry of D'Iberville belongs to a true military family.

McGarry said "First of all, I'm proud of the fact that I've had my grandfather, my father, my two sons that served their country".

So when McGarry walks into the voting booth November 2nd, he'll wear patriotic stickers honoring his dad and sons. Gene Robinson will cast his ballot and remember someone very dear to his heart.

Robinson said "I will be voting for my mother who's Louise Robinson. She was a veteran of WWII. She was one of the first Women Air Force, and she did gain benefits due to the fact that she lost an eardrum".

Secretary of State Eric Clark hopes more Mississippians will recognize the sacrifices our service men and women made to protect our right to vote.  That's why he's pushing his "Vote in Honor of a Veteran" Campaign .

Clark said "We got it because millions of men and women have served in our armed forces. We fought a dozen wars. Literally more than one million American men and women have died in those wars to give us the rights we have as Americans".

Clark stressed the importance of raising awareness among young people. Clark said "It's to show our appreciation for those men and women who made those sacrifices.  They left home, left family to go protect our country. But particularly again, we're trying to make young folks understand that freedom comes with a price".

Vietnam Vet George McGarry served alongside some of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Who knows, maybe someone will wear a sticker on election day, honoring his 23 year military career.

The free stickers are available at the Secretary of State's office , veterans organizations and circuit clerk's offices.