Bridges remain closed; Vehicles sliding on icy roads

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Officers are working a series of accidents across South Mississippi.

Harrison County Road crews spread sand across the intersection at Hwy 53 & Lizana School Road. This morning, eight cars and trucks slid off the road because of the icy conditions. The intersection was closed for a short period of time, but reopened after the sand was put down.

Even police aren't immune to the icy roads. A patrol car slid off a very icy Lamey Bridge Road this morning in D'Iberville. A tractor arrived pretty quickly to pull him out.

It was one of several vehicles that slid off the road in that area. Highway 67 just north of Sangani is extremely icy and dangerous. D'Iberville police say people for the most part are heeding the warning to stay off the roads.

The Popp's Ferry Bridge will remain closed until it thaws out. The bridge tender told WLOX News that, to his knowledge, there's no plan to spread sand or salt over the bridge Wednesday. In fact, he said, the sand is what caused the mechanical problem Tuesday. That has since been fixed. Biloxi crews plan to re-evaluate at noon.

In Gulfport, city spokesman Chris Vignes said the Wilkes drawbridge on Cowan Lorraine Road will remain closed as long as it's frozen. Gulfport Police Chief Leonard Papania said they are monitoring it throughout the day, and do not plan to open it until it's safe for drivers.

Ice still covers the high rise bridge on Highway 90 between Gautier and Pascagoula. There's one lane open west bound. On the east bound side, all lanes are closed as crews replenish the sand to add traction to the bridge. Cars were backed up waiting for the job to be done. It could take a few hours to finish both sides of the bridge.

By Wednesday afternoon, they expect one lane to be open both ways, but officials warn it's still hazardous.

Again, the best advice is to stay off the roads, if you possibly can. If you have to drive, take it slow.

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