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MS congressional delegation statements on the State of the Union speech

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Representative Bennie Thompson Statment: "Tonight, President Obama spoke to the American people presenting solutions to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and to empower all those hoping to join the middle class. His proposals reflect a core vision shared by House Democrats: that a strong, thriving middle class is essential to a strong, prosperous America.

Senator Thad Cochran Statement:  "The American people deserve opportunities to have quality jobs that empower families to provide for their children and get ahead.  The Obama administration's determination to increase the role of government in our lives has done the opposite.  People in Mississippi and across the nation are doing their best to withstand the effects of policies that have driven workforce participation to its lowest level in almost 40 years.  Government mandates and regulations are clearly not the answer.  Instead of trying to ignore the Congress, President Obama should work with us to help families and businesses get ahead by easing the government's burden on them."

Senator Roger Wicker Statement:
  "After five years of the Obama Administration, Americans are tired of waiting for recovery. The economy is still weak, dragged down by anemic growth and high unemployment.  A fundamentally flawed health-care law has forced families across the country to deal with canceled insurance policies, higher premiums, and fewer choices.

"At a time for leadership and cooperation, the President continues to threaten unilateral executive action instead of offering to work with Republicans and Democrats. The President continues to advocate the politics of jealousy rather than promoting a message that would inspire economic growth."

Representative Greg Harper Statement:
  "The president's attempt to intimidate Congress by abusing executive power demonstrates a serious unwillingness to work with the coequal legislative branch of government. If the president is serious about helping people, he will swap his recycled campaign-style speeches for action on issues that create equal opportunity for success and self-reliance. Hard work has always been America's formula for individual success."

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