Pearl River County prepares for the Winter Blast

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Pearl River County has also been on high alert preparing for this Winter Blast. And with 54,000 residents in the county, officials say they want everyone to be ready for the potential danger the weather brings.

Twenty-five Picayune, Poplarville and Pearl River County agencies gathered at the Pearl River County Emergency Management Agency for an emergency operations preplanning meeting.

Pearl River County Emergency Management Director Danny Manley says they saw dozens of wrecks on roadways and fatalities in the county during last Friday's cold blast and he doesn't want to see the same outcome this time around.

"It just didn't seem like it was gonna be as bad as it was and then in our county we went from, you know nothing going on? Then all of a sudden, it was like somebody flipped a switch and we had ice on every bridge in the county," said Danny Manley.

The Picayune Fire Chief Keith Brown says the best thing residents can do to help themselves is to use caution and watch out for fire risks.

Brown said, "If you have a generator available, don't plug it into your house and to try to power your house."

The Picayune Public Works Department collected 200 tons of sand and five tons of salt and will be spread out on icy bridges with two donated spreaderhoppers.

Picayune Public Works Department Eric Morris said, "We feel like we're adequately stocked to take care of whatever we need to in terms of bridges and roads."

Still officials, warn residents to still use caution when driving on less traveled roads and bridges that are iced over or even walking to and from your vehicle.

Pearl River Emergency Management Director Danny Manley says last Friday, no bridges or roads were closed in the county. He says if, there are closures on Tuesday and Wednesday it will be up to law enforcement agencies and the county road department.

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