It's snowing in Jackson; will it snow on the coast?

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - We just looked at an MDOT camera from Interstate 20 in Jackson.  And we could clearly see snow falling near the state capitol.

The question people in the deep south want to know is when will the frozen precipitation reach Mississippi's coastline.  The answer is be patient, because it's on its way.

Consequently, in every city as well as every county, officials are making preparations to ensure everyone's safety. Jackson County officials had to figure out what they were doing to prepare for the ice and snow.

Public works crews and first responders from across Jackson County were hard at work preparing for a brutal cold front to move our way soon. Over at the sheriff's department, the plan is to boost patrols to prevent possible accidents.

"We will have a lot of rain, a lot of sleet and possibly some snow," said Civil Defense Coordinator Shane Langfitt.

"They are saying probably a third of an inch of ice on the roadways and bridges. When we get ice on the roads it is dangerous conditions and the causes for wrecks."

Pascagoula officials agree. That's why trucks were being loaded with sand if they have to clear the icy roads and highways. Warning signs are also up now up to alert drivers. The city has also called on the Mississippi Department of Transportation to help.

"MDOT is going to put a solution on the bridge later tonight into Tuesday morning. The tricky thing is not to get it on there too quick, so the rain doesn't wash it away," said Police Sergeant Doug Adams.

"Once that happens, if we need to sand the bridges we will. We will do everything possible to keep Highway 90 open and the high rise bridge open."

The City of Gautier has a similar plan.

"This is the sand we have right now, and we are making preparations to get more," said Gautier's Human Resources Director Jason Pugh.

"Once we determine the best time to put it out and try to time it right, we will start putting the sand out. The public works crews are actually working on that right now. Emergency responders will be will be here fully staffed. We will let the public know the information as soon as we find it out."

Jackson County officials said it's vital these important steps are taken because it could help save a life.

"The schools have already announced they are going to close. Some of the cities are closing," Adams said.

"We just urge everyone to stay home and be safe," said Pugh.

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